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The OwlSeek Method

Seven Principles to Intuitive Leadership

The OwlSeek Method

What is The OwlSeek Method?


Who Is Jill?

Jill Drader is a renowned public speaker, award winning entrepreneur, and professional strategist based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

With over two decades of experience in the personal development industry, Jill has become a trusted advisor and spiritual director to countless individuals and organizations seeking to transform their lives and achieve their goals.


Get Back To Nature

Nothing in the forest lives without the forest dying - and we are much the same. What part of you needs to die off to let the new growth thrive?


Find You Value in Your Values

Many haven't forgotten who we are - lost in the world with misaligned values - come back to your true value - it's in you!


"Jill is the real deal"

"I wanted to change my life after hearing her speak - no more excuses!"


Working With Jill ...

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  • Life Strategy - Seeking to know more about who you really are, your true nature and your core values?

  • Business Strategy - Is what you are doing not working anymore? Having trouble leading and inspiring your team? Let's dive into what can make you lead again, differently.

Knowings & The OwlSeek Method

What are the guiding principles?



Leading from a place of truth and authenticity is felt, not heard. Those who lead aligning with this method lead from a place of inner brilliance, illuimnating their power on others in a healthy way.



True transformation means you feel a sense of change, and others notice a sense of change, too.



When we are ready to evolve and change, we surrender to the fact that our logic models are not the only way.



Having the courage to shift your perspective and see things differently doesn't come easily, and takes practice 'seeing things differently.


Manage Ego

Ego and pride are here to stay, and managing them in a healthy way that isn't 'toxic' and 'unhealthy' is what the OwlSeek Method will teach you.


Surrender Control

Controlling forceful leadership is the way of doing things - and it doesn't work. There is a another way

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Begin the journey to a more authentic you.

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